Teleplus® Case Studies 


Teleplus helps shoe manufacturer save 44% annually!

Six months into a new 3-year contract with AT&T, an international shoe manufacturer hired Teleplus. The client was confident they had done as well as they could in their negotiations with AT&T, committing to $300,000 in annual revenue at a savings of 28% over their previous contract. Upon reviewing the contract, we found that the client’s rates had indeed improved. But, after researching all the various AT&T contracts for which the client qualified, we found even more room for improvement. Based on contracts that AT&T had given similar customers, we negotiated a new contract for the shoe manufacturer, resulting in an additional 44% in annual savings!


Teleplus helps utility company save over a million dollars!

A Midwest utility company had every intention of renewing their contract with AT&T, as they felt confident that AT&T would give them the best possible rates. Because the company’s customers call the utility center to report power outages and service problems, 95% of their traffic is intrastate. When AT&T surprised the client by proposing very competitive interstate rates but a high intrastate rate, Teleplus got to work.

We researched the best available AT&T contracts, and secured competitive proposals from MCI and Sprint to establish benchmarks for a new agreement. AT&T brought a team of five executives and a tariff attorney to present their proposal. After the presentation, we presented AT&T with one of their own contract tariffs for which we felt our client qualified. Reluctantly, AT&T agreed to provide the client with service under the requested contract, resulting in over $1,000,000 in annual savings and net savings of 30%!


Teleplus helps insurance company save 2 million dollars!

A large insurance company was spending $20,000,000 annually for voice services and $10,000,000 annually for data and frame relay services. After a period of negotiations with AT&T, they hired us to determine whether additional improvements could be made to their contract. To their credit, our client had negotiated the best pricing available for the voice portion of their contract. However, the data portion of the contract wasn’t nearly as competitive as it could have been, as AT&T had bundled the data and voice services together in a single contract.

We analyzed the various provisions of the contract and found that the client would receive better pricing, terms and conditions by signing separate, or unbundled, contracts for voice and data services. AT&T resisted this approach, again focusing on the benefits of the bundled contracts for voice and data services. The client agreed with us, demanded the contracts to be unbundled and allowed Teleplus to negotiate each component separately. The resulting contract provided an additional $2,000,000 in annual savings for the client!


Teleplus helps medical company reduce wireless costs by 63%!

A large medical company wanted to manage cell phone usage and reduce costs. They hired Teleplus to review and evaluate their existing wireless contracts with one primary vendor and four secondary vendors.

After recommending pricing and terms for each vendor, we began negotiating with each of the four wireless providers. We asked them to prepare an optimization recommendation that would give our client the best mix of calling plan options. The largest vendor came back with a plan that would reduce the client’s costs by 48%. We then prepared our own optimization recommendation that would reduce the client’s costs by 63%, for a fraction of the revenue commitment. The client adopted our recommendation and with our help, negotiated a new agreement with all vendors, yielding significant savings and concessions on terms and conditions.

Each month, the client’s wireless invoices are sent to us electronically. We review the invoices, re-evaluate the optimization recommendations and re-cast the plan mix. As a result of our efforts, the client is now paying less than 50% of the average industry price for wireless services.